Waiting To Be Saved

artlakelrgThe Temptations had it right when they sang their hit song, Ball of Confusion in 1970. Now, 40 some years later, those old lyrics still hold true. It is amazing that in all the years since that song became popular, our planet is still in the same dysfunctional position it was in then.

We’ve not yet been able to take control of a world out of control. Instead, we’ve embraced more wars, which are clearly God’s fault, as well as new forms of communicating. We now have the internet, I-pads, smart phones, digital, wireless connections (shall I include Skype and Facebook?) that increase the sounds of our voices and expose the shadows of our actions in record speed. We can see clearly now with our new abilities to visualize within seconds of an event taking place. Is the world speeding up? Possibly, where are we going?
We can depend on elections of any kind to present a dire picture of the status of our world. It is impossible to escape all the rhetoric, the picture painting and the name calling that propels voters to make some sort of an emotional stand. We get tired of it, yet we encourage the dark side of politics by the attention we give it.

We are a world that is waiting to be rescued. From being asleep for many years, we’re finally beginning to awaken and we are terrified with what we see around us. We’ve spent generations ignoring signs that the Earth Mother was suffering. We have located fear in every corner of the universe and have produced more terrorists with our belief system than ever had existed. We are suddenly aware that we’ve overspent our budget and we’re now in financial, physical and moral bankruptcy. We have each set the stage for personal and national disasters and we search for someone to blame for our dis-ease.

Perhaps we were waiting for our prince to arrive and make life perfect for us while we slept soundly, lost in our grandiose dreams of a life without retribution. Certainly if anyone could save us it would be our President who promised change. We assumed that meant there would be no price to pay for ignoring generations of misconduct. Our prince would eventually arrive and fix everything for us. He would waive his magic wand and all the fear, all the abuse and decades of dark manipulations would disappear. We’d be whole again; miraculously healed by someone or some organization outside ourselves. Sadly, somehow it didn’t turn out to be that easy and we are indignant with the results.

Surely there is a president, a prime minister or world leader somewhere, a political party, a world bank, perhaps even a carefully selected minister of God that can save us. There must be someone that can step forward and heal our self inflicted wounds, making life a little less painful for us. Are there not protestors everywhere that can sound the alarm that we need a savior of some kind?

We have lost our personal power and our freedom by mindlessly giving away our own, individual, responsibility for creating peace. We have given away our rite to happiness to our governments, our spouses, our children, abusive relationships, our careers, religions, our politicians and our Gods. In our disorientated state of mind, we continue to blame everyone else for our personal tusumis, and our terminal dis-eases. We are dying a suicidal death and we’re still waiting for someone to find us and gallantly save us before it’s too late.

Suddenly the planet demands that each one of us is faced with our own likeness in the mirror. We are astounded to learn that it is we, ourselves that will be held accountable for the actions we have (or have not) taken. The winds of change have been blowing while we have slept and suddenly we find ourselves unprepared for the future we have created. There is no one left to blame and there is no one coming to save us.

Yet, it is when we find ourselves in our darkest hour of need that we learn our truth and evoke our strengths. It is when we have come to the stillness of the deep that we are faced with our self created demons and we finally realize there is no way out unless we courageously find it ourselves.

It is there, in that darkness of despair where we make our decision. Will we continue to be victims, tossed about like a sailboat in a hurricane? Will we follow the example our distracted, elected officials are showing us by assigning blame to everyone else for our tribulations and our ineffectiveness? Are we waiting for God, the President or perhaps Oprah to come and fix what our ignorance has destroyed?

Isn’t it time for us to bravely step forward and own what we’ve allowed? Isn’t it time we finally take responsibility for our own healing by realizing that we are the savior we have been seeking. We are the answers to the questions we have been asking. It is each one of us, individually and collectively who has the power to confront our enemy (and excuse) which is named Fear.

There is an anonymously posted quote found on the internet which reads:

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

If it were legally possible I would rewrite the last sentence to read:

“Only the moment we reject all help and all excuses are we freed.”


Written by Brenda Silverhand-Garriss
28 August 2011