Four Powerful Words of Great Wisdom For All Times

ctrock Four Powerful Words of Great Wisdom For All Times

Every inauguration we celebrate the ending of one political regime and the beginning of another. We review profound victories we’ve experienced as a nation and acknowledge devastating losses as we celebrate our journey with all it’s lessons and unique opportunities. We welcome a new day for ourselves and our country with certain challenges, new political leadership and promises of change.

Change is something we can count on. Try as we might to keep things the same, transformation is inevitable. Our children grow up, our elders cross over, our financial stability fluctuates and some of the dreams we’ve held close seem to elude us. For the world, chaos has arrived in full speed and we are asking ourselves, “what is next” because there is always an unknown next; something we didn’t plan for or see coming. We are “unsettled” and what we considered to be a safe harbor doesn’t appear to be all that secure anymore. Our strong foundation has shifted to uncertainty and we are shaken to our core with our emotional responses.

Times of radical change have beset us. Recently the United States celebrated the inauguration of Barack Obama, it’s 44th president, a welcomed change many did not foresee at this particular moment in history. Some were shocked, others elated as the world opened it’s arms to new leadership that we are hoping will assist us in bringing stability to our nations and peace to our souls. We recognize a growing excitement that collectively we are all part of something much greater than ourselves individually and there is a brand new day on the horizon.

Oh we know there are storms coming. We acknowledge there are challenges to be faced and difficult work to be done, but there is a soulful knowing that has arisen within us. In her phenomenal book entitled Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls it “Rio Abuja Rio”. It is the river that flows beneath the river. The calm, steady knowing that lies beneath all the turbulence of the unexpected. As life now begins to demand a new sense of urgency, a faster pace and quicker vibration, I am reminded of a story I have shared with many over the years. It is a timeless truth just as meaningful today as it has always been and forever will be.

There once was a very famous and much loved king in the ancient days of history. He was the most powerful eminence in all the land and many came from great distances to seek his wisdom. He loved his people with intensity and his heart was always with them. They trusted his judgment and found him to be their rock in every situation.

One stormy day the wise old king summoned his most senior and trusted palace jeweler to his quarters. He said to him, “I want you to create a piece of jewelery fit for your king. Use the highest quality you can find and make it the most outstanding piece you have ever created.” He added, “On this piece I want you to engrave an inscription that would hold true in good times and in bad, in feast and in famine, in peaceful times and in war, in abundant health and in dire illness, during the brightest joys of life and in the darkest sorrow of loss, words of wisdom that would be true in every possible situation.”

The palace jeweler who had served the king for many long years went back to his workshop and knelt down asking for guidance to create such a piece for his wise and beloved king. This was the greatest commission he had ever received and he knew this was his moment in time, one he had hoped for his entire life. He clearly understood the honour that had become his alone. He fasted, he prayed and he worked diligently for many days. He was in that place of agony that comes with creating perfection yet he was filled with soulful excitement at the possibilities. He worked tirelessly and with great abandon. He recognized that he was not alone in his effort and that he was being divinely inspired by a higher power.

Once the aged jeweler had completed his creation and had spent much time in contemplation and evaluation, he knew it was ready to be delivered to the king. He had done his best work ever and knew deep within his soul that it was fit for his beloved ruler. When he finally returned to the king he presented him with a flawless and perfectly cut ruby red ring set in the finest quality gold. The stone, shimmering in all its brilliance, was the most elegant and handsome piece the king had ever witnessed, yet it wasn’t the beauty that commanded his attention. Surrounding the radiant gem and carved in gold, the inscription spoke to the king’s heart, “This Too Shall Pass”.

It is not a mistake that you have found this writing today. These words are meant for you personally. In phenomenal wealth and in financial devastation, in unstoppable career growth and in periods of unemployment, in great success and gut wrenching failure, in fame and in disgrace, in love and in solitude….this too shall pass. Everything we know and everything we have is temporary as is life itself. Yet there is a river that flows beneath the river that is all knowing wisdom and calmness in the midst of the storm. It beckons to us to remain steady and strong no matter what disturbances are encircling our journey. It requires faith from us that a new day is just beyond the horizon and we shall be part of it. For we know this to be true, as surely as the night comes, the sun will rise again and in time, this too shall pass.