Crossing The Bridge Of Fear On A Horse Named Courage

psyobCrossing The Bridge Of Fear On A Horse Named Courage
Published in the Winter 2009 edition of the Psychic Observer

Recently a client who was in severe stress came to Ted’s office for a consultation. As is often my custom, I retreated to the deck facing the forest and began to pray that Ted would hear from Spirit healing words to give the frightened and weary traveler and that his heart would be open to receive.

I meditated for some time, listening to the birds sing their songs of joy and watching squirrels run and play with each other. It was in an attitude of peace and love that I offered prayers for this man sitting with Ted, who was suffering so intensely.

As I continued to gaze into the forest, I saw the trees beginning to wave in a sudden breeze as clouds began to overtake the sun. I watched closely as a thick mist began to roll in making the outline of the trees barely visible. In the distance I witnessed a bridge being formed. It appeared to be a very old structure many miles long that seemed to be in disrepair, yet still standing. I wondered how long the ancient bridge had been there…perhaps for many lifetimes? I could not be sure. My view allowed me to see the entire length of the bridge.

On one side there appeared to be a luminous environment with brilliant sun, crystal blue skies, vibrant plants and flowers, love and a harmonic atmosphere of peace. It was beautiful to see and I longed to go there immediately! Yet my attention was taken to the opposite side of the bridge where there was a very large crowd of people gathered in ultimate chaos. They were in the midst of violent storms as torrential rains came, severe winds blew and the waters raged mightily beneath the bridge. Halfway across its structure were dark clouds preventing the people from seeing the other side.

Families agonized in despair. Because the bridge was old and they could not see what was ahead, they shrank back in fear. They cried and lamented over their pain and their misfortunes. They spoke to one another about how difficult their lives were and complained that Spirit had sent them such atrocities. They questioned why they were trapped in such impending doom. The more the people talked amongst themselves the more colossal and more tumultuous the clouds appeared that prevented them from seeing the new life on the other side. It was as if their collective energy increased the severity of the situation. The storms became more violent and the dangerous waters below were rising. Negative emotions feeding negative emotions gave birth to greater despair and deeper sadness.

In the midst of this chaos, appeared an elder who was neither male nor female, draped in a long, hooded robe. The face of the elder could not be seen, yet the presence of that being was peaceful and serene. Next to the elder stood a rather ordinary looking horse. By all appearances there was nothing special about that horse. It was not beautiful, it was not a race horse or a thoroughbred; it seemed to be just an average horse who was not much affected by the chaotic dramas of the people. He also showed no fear of the violent storms, the high winds or the mighty waters that were getting higher. The horse was as serene as the elder he stood beside.

The crowd quieted themselves to observe this strange spectacle as the elder began to speak in a tranquil and peaceful manner to the gathering. The old Master instructed the people that they must each mount the horse named Courage and begin to cross the Bridge called Fear one at a time to get to safety. The ancient one described the new life of freedom from the past and peace that awaited them on the other side. It would be a new beginning with new opportunities. “Courage will take you to the Land of Light, do not be afraid”, he said. Yet the people were fearful and asked if they could all go together or even in small groups but the elder said that each person would have to ride Courage alone, across the Bridge of Fear, one by one.

Voices rose in protest as some began to look back at the memories and “the stuff ” they had collected on their side of the bridge. Because they could not see the land of new beginnings, they would not trust the wisdom of the elder. They believed the bridge was too old and Courage could not carry them to freedom. They began to think the Wise One was foolish and senile and they were safer in their own misery they had created.

Great debates ensued with the political and religious leaders of the community. Some had obtained great wealth and many acquisitions and were quite accustom to their way of life. Others were too ill and too weary and did not believe they could make the journey. Many had been victims of one sort or another and did not trust there was a better life awaiting them.

The Ancient One waited patiently with Courage to take the people across the Bridge of Fear, but no one came. All they could see was the old shabby bridge, the raging waters below and the murky clouds ahead. One by one they voiced their excuses and chose to remain where they deemed themselves to be safe from impending doom and certain death.

As the old one and the horse seemed to fade away from view and the voices became less audible, my mind returned to the man downstairs with Ted in such dire stress. So many of us have lost our heart and our passion for life. We have settled for our familiar past of being a victim, being abused, raped, terminally ill, a survivor of some description, an orphan. We know there is a better life; some people are enjoying it now, yet we choose to stay trapped in our past filled with our familiar companions, Fear and Pain. We know that it is us and only us who must mount that horse called Courage and ride it through the storms and the dark clouds to the other side where new life and new beginnings are awaiting us.

Spirit says life as we have known it is nearly over. Chaos, violent weather patterns and international events will continue to threaten our current way of life. Change is coming whether we are prepared or we are not. Perhaps there is something to those 2012 prophecies we should begin to investigate. The next president of the United States or any organization created will not miraculously save us. Survival in the times ahead will be determined by the courage we have and the choices each one of us makes.

In the end, all we really have to do is choose life and move forward, one action at a time.