brendaBorn in Chatham, Ontario, Brenda’s journey began in a very meager lifestyle. The daughter of ministers who moved to the United States early in her life, she was separated from her grandparents and her entire extended family. Moving frequently, life was extremely difficult for the painfully shy little girl. Her tumultuous childhood, teen years and early adulthood included abuse, tragedy and intense pain which remained the source of her struggles through early life.

Her love for writing and performing music helped her throughout the difficult times of her life but it was a deep spiritual alignment in her personal belief system that saved her life. Recognizing the paralyzing limitations of being a victim, Brenda made a conscious decision to let go of her past sorrows and losses and create a positive lifestyle for herself and her three sons. With a heart of compassion for those who struggle, Brenda began to write and lecture on life changing topics including positive transformation, courage and personal responsibility for one’s own happiness.

When she writes or speaks to audiences, she delivers the message with integrity and compassion. A soul connection takes place between the author and the reader, the motivator and the listener. Her words of inspiration and encouragement come from the heart. Her wisdom is authentically derived from her own personal life experiences; she has traveled the difficult road of tragedy to personal empowerment and shares how to live a life without limitations.

With no formal education beyond high school, Brenda revolutionized her life’s path and eventually became the Vice President and Managing Director of a large corporation in Washington DC. For over 20 years, Brenda has conducted seminars, lectures and workshops throughout the United States and Canada and has written articles for business and spiritual publications. She teaches that limitations are self made and true freedom exists when one courageously passes through fear to victory.

Her writings and lectures will inspire you and encourage you to power up and succeed no matter what one’s previous conditioning has been. She is a true warrior that fights from the heart. Through her writings and lectures, she invites you to join her on a journey of healing and transformation, empowering you to reach beyond your wildest dreams!